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Member Profile: lemontootie

Male, 13-17
Southern US

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Interests: Anime / Anime / Video Games / Anime / Anime
Homepage: Click Here
Birthday:11/13/1753 (260 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name: o
Occupation: being stupid
City: idk
State/Province: louisiana
Marital Status: (Decline to State)
Sexual Preference: (Decline to State)
Religion: (Decline to State)
Politics: (Decline to State)
Favorite Movie: bill & ted
Favorite TV Show: -
Favorite Book: morpheus road
Favorite Song: anything by b1a4
Favorite Food: spicy foods
Favorite Car: -
*hats tip*

Quizzes by lemontootie
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Random Kpop Trivia prt. 3
the thrilling saga continues
Posted Date: 4/22/2014 4:45:49 PM

How old are you?
buy me a new usb drive plz
Posted Date: 4/22/2014 1:12:33 AM

You love that woman, don`t you?
Posted Date: 3/4/2014 11:40:35 PM

wanna yiff?
juana yaff?
Posted Date: 3/4/2014 11:39:08 PM

Do you want to punch something?
i sentence you all to hell
Posted Date: 7/20/2013 10:07:08 PM

Are you shadow?
what is b2st trying to do to me?
Posted Date: 7/16/2013 9:26:27 PM

would we be in cahoots?
it yes or no
Posted Date: 7/9/2013 3:37:18 AM

Is it all in fiction?
fiction fiction, in fiction?
Posted Date: 7/8/2013 5:37:20 AM

Do you want stuff?
Posted Date: 7/5/2013 1:15:34 AM

How Dare You??
why you playin` dis game
Posted Date: 7/1/2013 10:25:20 PM

Geoura geoura, who is the most pretty?
brought to you by windex
Posted Date: 6/30/2013 2:52:23 AM

r u dum?
Posted Date: 6/27/2013 1:39:10 AM

Where all my bad girls at?
Posted Date: 6/9/2013 7:02:50 PM

Do you melt me down like ice-cream?
why haven`t i made this before...
Posted Date: 6/7/2013 11:18:43 AM

Random Kpop Trivia Part.2
Posted Date: 6/5/2013 1:42:10 PM

Are you a Smokey Girl?
everything is mblaq and nothing hurts
Posted Date: 6/3/2013 11:10:43 PM

Random Kpop trivia.
because im bored and what up.
Posted Date: 6/3/2013 8:20:10 PM

Do you have a swimming pool?
a poo fulla licka
Posted Date: 5/31/2013 8:45:16 PM

What kind of wolf are you?
i mean oolf
Posted Date: 5/30/2013 5:23:38 PM

Can you control it?
I was Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll.
Posted Date: 5/28/2013 10:59:50 PM

How much do you know about kites?

Posted Date: 5/25/2013 3:46:58 PM

Do you keep on standing still?
Posted Date: 5/21/2013 5:08:53 PM

how would u look anime
dis is a quiz 2 see if you look anime abut you don`t jk bae illyuu ok jus tak ir
Posted Date: 5/14/2013 9:42:29 PM

Will you be there?
Oh? Oh?
Posted Date: 5/11/2013 10:50:09 PM

What`s going on??
I know now. I knew you would do that.
Posted Date: 5/7/2013 6:26:03 AM


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