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Member Profile: krugerknife

Female, 13-17
Midwest US

 717 Posts

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4066days 18 hours ago

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Interests: Dating / Computers / Flirting / Cooking / Design
Homepage: (None)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name: >O<
Occupation: >O< leave me alone
State/Province: TAKE A HIT!
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Atheist
Politics: (Decline to State)
Favorite Movie: Freddy vs Jason
Favorite TV Show: Don`t have one. I like movies on Sci-Fyi.
Favorite Book: Secrets in the Attic
Favorite Song: Falling
Favorite Food: Garlic Pizza
Favorite Car: Can`t Drive!
Hi! Well, I don`t know what to say so here is a bit about me! Favorite Color: Black. Favorite Holliday: Halloween. Favorite Movie Type: Horror. Favorite Freddy Krueger line: `Time to put this bad, bad dog to sleep... for GOOD!` Favorite Jason line: Well, he doesn`t talk so... i don`t know. Favorite Chucky line: `A ttrue classic NEVER goes out of style` Thing that bothers me most: Murder movie remakes. Most recently watched horror movie: Freddy`s Dead. Favorite thing to do when bored: Go online. Best friends on here: ashleylong, krugerkrazed, floofyftw, XXDjcandyXX, and some other people if I forgot you sorry! Love for Chucky: normal point of love. Love for Jason: Undieing. Love for Freddy: BEYOND OBSESSION!!!!
If you want to know more pm me!

Quizzes by krugerknife

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Just one more goodbye.
I can`t leave without saying goodbye one more time.
Posted Date: 6/8/2010 4:05:42 PM

Goodbye Krugerkrazed.
She was my clone.
Posted Date: 6/7/2010 2:53:52 PM

once again i change my mind
I leave tomorrow.
Posted Date: 6/7/2010 8:30:11 AM

I decided if i got at least 10 people to tell me not to leave by friday i would stay. And I got 12 people and it`s only tuesday!!!
Posted Date: 6/7/2010 7:49:03 AM

Good bye Sakui and cheeseforyou.
They will be missed.
Posted Date: 6/6/2010 7:48:27 PM

Might leave Quiztron.
Just too much drama.
Posted Date: 6/6/2010 4:27:59 PM

YouTube, TV and movies come together and FIGHT!
Shane Dawson, iCarly, Fred, The annoying Orange, Friday the 13th, random movies and YouTube vids and TV shows BATTLING!!! Who will win???
Posted Date: 6/4/2010 10:26:50 AM

I drew these on MS Paint.
My drawings.
Posted Date: 5/29/2010 7:39:45 AM

Will you date me? (boys only)
Will you?
Posted Date: 5/28/2010 8:47:48 AM

New Profile pic.
Need help!
Posted Date: 5/26/2010 4:11:08 PM

Random pics
Posted Date: 5/26/2010 11:16:35 AM


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