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Member Profile: kjhallgarth

Female, 13-17
Eastern US

 38 Posts

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3901days 15 hours ago

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Interests: Music / Cars / Partying / Music / Singing
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:11/6/1995 (24 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name:
Occupation: Vocalist for a nonexistant punk band!!
City: Dillsboro, In
State/Province: Indiana
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Gay
Religion: (Decline to State)
Politics: Moderate
Favorite Movie: The Hills Have Eyes -or- Juno (tossup)
Favorite TV Show: Scarred
Favorite Book: The booklet inside CD`s!!
Favorite Song: Unveiled-Otep
Favorite Food: Music!!
Favorite Car: Muscle (classics)
I am myself!! I wear my hair in do-rag and like chill with my (close) friends, listening to Otep and talking about the government, society, killing Disney, Megan Fox, and tacos. :-)

Quizzes by kjhallgarth

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How well do you know the lyrics?
How well do you know the lyrics to my favorite tunes?
Posted Date: 7/3/2009 9:39:30 PM

Are you Whatsername?
Are you the girl Green Day describes in the song Whatsername?
Posted Date: 7/1/2009 5:00:53 PM

Are you CRAZY??
Are you a basketcase in disguise ar just plain INSANE?? Find out!
Posted Date: 7/1/2009 4:45:57 PM

Which member of Green Day would date you?
Which of the funny punkers would date- humorous Billie Joe, smart Mike, or crazy Tre?
Posted Date: 7/1/2009 4:07:37 PM

The simple quiz
All of the questions are simple, easy answer questions!!
Posted Date: 7/1/2009 1:53:20 PM

Are you affected by peer pressure?
Most teens and pre-teens out there are affected. Are you a follower of trends or a unique person?
Posted Date: 7/1/2009 1:27:09 PM

How well do you know Green Day?
A quiz on Green Day! It involves albums, members, songs, and lyrics!
Posted Date: 7/1/2009 12:59:29 PM

What is your Degrassi name?
Is your name Tobi, Liberty, Paige, or J.T?
Posted Date: 6/30/2009 10:54:36 PM

Would I date you?
I have been alone long enough! I`m a lesbian, but anyone can take! Please do!
Posted Date: 6/30/2009 10:00:41 PM

What group are you?
Yes, the all important "clique" quiz. I hate labels, but be my guest!
Posted Date: 6/30/2009 8:16:26 PM

Are you like me?
Can you fill my shoes? I hope so, cause I need to be FREE!!!
Posted Date: 6/29/2009 9:37:52 PM

Are you a good flirt?
Do you know if you can charm the oppisite sex?
Posted Date: 4/4/2009 1:52:50 PM

Do you know the muffin man?
Can you bake something acually edible?
Posted Date: 4/4/2009 12:02:36 PM

Are you a geek?
Are you a nerd or a geek?
Posted Date: 4/4/2009 11:41:06 AM

Are you a tomboy?
Are you a girlie-girl or a tomboy? Take this quiz and find out!
Posted Date: 4/4/2009 11:15:36 AM


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