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Member Profile: ashleyz

Female, 13-17
Western US

 344 Posts

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4078days 10 hours ago

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Interests: Flirting / Family / Animals / Traveling / Computers
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:1/30/1993 (28 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name:
Occupation: Just Being Me
City: My Town
State/Province: Blondies World
Marital Status: Dating
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: (Decline to State)
Politics: (Decline to State)
Favorite Movie: Anything scary!!!
Favorite TV Show: I like alot of them
Favorite Book: Not sure, i read too much to have a favorite!!
Favorite Song: She Wolf, Obsessed, Ice cream paint job, etc
Favorite Food: Pizza and Ice Cream
Favorite Car: I have no clue....
I LOVE LUCAS CRUIKSHANK AND FRED FIGGLEHORN....its not a passion, its an obsession....

Quizzes by ashleyz

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Please help me stop this, I need your help!!
I need your support! There are many people on this site that are abusing/neglecting animals all around the world. Please take this quiz and pass it around to help stop people from abusing there animals!! Why abuse something put on this earth to keep us company? Please help me with this!
Posted Date: 11/10/2009 11:44:52 AM

Are you me or one of my siblings?
Take this quiz to find out if you are me, Kasia, Amanda, Brian jr., Frankie, or Tarek (BayBay)!!!
Posted Date: 10/26/2009 11:20:28 AM

I need your support!!
This quiz was made because of the people around me. They are the reason i made this quiz, please rate and comment. (will edit later)
Posted Date: 10/15/2009 1:10:10 PM

I`m sorry.....
I want everyone to know i am sorry for creating this battle into a war....i am saying my part. discriminate against me and this quiz all you want, but i am saying my part.....
Posted Date: 5/15/2009 8:57:23 AM

please read this is important
please take this and rate it so we can get the word around to all people on here. PLEASE
Posted Date: 5/13/2009 3:59:51 PM

Would you date me? (boys only please)
Take this quiz to determine not whether I would date you, but if you would date me!!
Posted Date: 5/13/2009 12:25:50 PM

What`s you fortune cookie say about you?
Take this quiz to find out which fortune cookie saying you are. It`s short, but sweet!!
Posted Date: 5/8/2009 3:31:29 PM

Do you have what it takes to live my life?
Take this quiz to find out if you have what it takes to live a day in my house!
Posted Date: 5/7/2009 9:16:13 AM

Do you know me?
Do you know me or are you a good guesser? Take this quiz to find out if you know me or not.
Posted Date: 5/6/2009 2:44:09 PM

Do you hate Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, or are you a fan?
Take this quiz to find out if you hate or love Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana!!!
Posted Date: 4/29/2009 9:07:26 AM

Do you know French?
Take this quiz to find out how much French you know!!!
Posted Date: 4/28/2009 2:28:48 PM

Are you (a little bit too) boy crazy? (girls only)
Are you absolutely boy crazy?? Take this quiz to find out!!
Posted Date: 3/30/2009 12:09:50 PM

Jesse McCartney (girls only)
Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the hottie Jesse McCartney!!
Posted Date: 3/30/2009 9:10:34 AM

What`s your Pants Personality? (girls only)
Take this quiz to find out which Pants Sister (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) you are!!
Posted Date: 3/27/2009 12:19:12 PM

What fruit are you??
Take this quiz to find out which fruit you are!!
Posted Date: 3/26/2009 9:30:08 AM

Are you like me?
Take this quiz to find out if me and you would be good friends!
Posted Date: 2/12/2009 9:15:42 AM

What office supply are you?
Take this quiz to find out what office supply you are.
Posted Date: 2/12/2009 8:46:55 AM

Will you marry a hot guy?? (girls only)
Find out if you will marry the man of your dreams!
Posted Date: 12/18/2008 10:20:39 AM

Do you know these Dog Breeds?
See if you know these types of dog breeds!!
Posted Date: 12/18/2008 9:41:15 AM

What kind of candy are you?
Find out what kind of candy you would be if the world was a candy shop!
Posted Date: 12/10/2008 9:29:10 AM


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