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Member Profile: Wetslick

Female, 13-17
Eastern US

 564 Posts

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611days 14 hours ago

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Interests: Acting / Writing / Skating / Cats / Dating
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:10/8/1993 (27 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name:
Occupation: The dishes
City: NYC
State/Province: NY
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Atheist
Politics: Moderate
Favorite Movie: Hot chick, but who knows what it`l be tomorrow
Favorite TV Show: Anything on Chiller or mtV
Favorite Book: Dont read
Favorite Song: Cancer
Favorite Food: Anything with caramel on it
Favorite Car: Does anyone care?
So this is the new year.
And i don`t feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance (in the distance).

So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For selfl assigned penance
For problems with easy solutions

So everybody put your best suit or dress on
Let`s make believe that we are wealthy for just this once
Lighting firecrackers off on the front lawn
As thirty dialogues bleed into one

I wish the world was flat like the old days
Then i could travel just by folding a map
No more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways
There`d be no distance that can hold us back.

There`d be no distance that could hold us back

So this is the new year

Quizzes by Wetslick

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:]How sexy are you?[:
From head to Prada wearing feet, from your candy apple heart to your naughty brain.... this is the ultimate test of sexiness.
Posted Date: 9/6/2009 8:23:05 PM

What kind of donut are you?
Posted Date: 8/9/2009 1:07:38 AM

What color are you tears?
Metamorphically speaking, of course. Wow, that sounded nerdy.
Posted Date: 8/2/2009 6:51:01 PM

Which one of my kittens are you?
Which one of those cute things are you?
Posted Date: 7/29/2009 4:25:23 PM

What kind of bra are you? <3
Uh if your a guy you can take it.. I guess.. might be kinda weird though xx
Posted Date: 7/15/2009 12:23:06 AM

What flavor skittle are you?
Taste the rainbow! :]
Posted Date: 6/29/2009 11:53:17 PM

How fake are you?
I know, I know.. It`s trivia. But that`s only because I want to give you an accurate percent! Just ignore what questions you "missed" and such because this is really personality! xD
Posted Date: 6/20/2009 8:14:26 PM

Would I like to hug you, kiss you, party with you, or diss you?
Get ready for the truth.
Posted Date: 6/13/2009 3:42:45 AM

Am I jealous of you?
Am I? Am I not?
Posted Date: 6/8/2009 7:52:28 PM

100 Questions Quiz-- Can you make it?
I`m bored as hell so I thought this would be fun.. if you make it the end with me, then great job I would never be able to do that on another quiz. ^^
Posted Date: 6/6/2009 5:49:19 PM

What embarrasses you?? (:
Self explanatory. Or something like that... ^^
Posted Date: 5/29/2009 11:30:26 PM

.7 Minutes in American Idol heaven!! (Chicks only sorryzz)
Mmmmm... guys from the top 10!
Posted Date: 5/26/2009 9:09:28 PM

What color crayon are you? ^^
Cuz you`re dying to know (:
Posted Date: 5/25/2009 5:37:30 PM

What one of my kittens are you?
Which one of my cute kitties are you! (:
Posted Date: 5/3/2009 4:07:34 PM

I bet I can guess your hair color!
HA! I bet I can.
Posted Date: 5/3/2009 3:52:19 PM

Which one of Hello Kitty`s friends are you (or are you her)?
Because everyone`s dying to know xD
Posted Date: 4/18/2009 11:15:40 PM

What line of the poem "Roses are red, violets are blue...." are you?
Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet And so are you What line of that poem are you? Find out!
Posted Date: 4/12/2009 9:00:50 PM

Who would you be in Romeo and Juliet?
Posted Date: 4/11/2009 3:03:10 AM

What`s the reflection you see?
When you look in a mirror, what do you see?
Posted Date: 4/4/2009 1:59:12 PM

What perfume are you?
What else is there to say!
Posted Date: 3/31/2009 10:02:32 AM

Are you pretty, beautiful, or sexy?
Posted Date: 3/30/2009 9:54:47 PM


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