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It is a mathematically proven fact that Katara rocks. The phrase `Katara rocks` is synonymous with `Katara is the greatest` which means, mathematically that she is the largest number. Now a brief explanation on bases. Bases are the number of digits that you can use. Base-2 uses only 0s and 1s, so the number 2 would be 10 in binary, and 4 would be 100. We use base-10. Base-36 would use 0-9 and A-Z, making it possible to spell out all words in the English language. Converting the characters` names from base-36 to base 10, you get:
Therefore, Katara is the greatest, and therefore rocks(or, at least more than all the others).
This also proves that Katara has the greatest powers (since power is another term for exponent), and therefore can be considered an Avatar deity.

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