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Member Profile: L234

Female, 13-17
Southern US

 214 Posts

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4168days 4 hours ago

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Interests: Anime / Music / Writing / Arts/Crafts / Books
Homepage: (None)
IM Type: Yahoo IM Name: STOP STALKING ME!!!!!
Occupation: Forgot.
City: HillBilly town ( Me: Crap, my IQ`s dropping.....)
State/Province: Moo.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Christian
Politics: Moderate
Favorite Movie: Too many.
Favorite TV Show: Death note.
Favorite Book: Again, too many.
Favorite Song: DO I HAVE TO REPEAT IT?!
Favorite Food: Chocolate / anything that doesn`t eat me first....
Favorite Car: `70 GTO
93% of American teens would have a severe emotional breakdown if someone called them a freak. If you`re a part of the 7% who would ask the person, `What was your first clue?`, copy this into your profile
90% of teenagers would have a meltdown if Miley Cyrus was going to jump off a cliff. If you are part of the 10% that would scream `Jump!` copy and paste this on to your profile
If you think that being unique is cooler than being cool, copy this on your profile......... You know you want to......

I`m 13 w/ Brown - Blonde hair, I live in northern US, I`m madly in love with pie, I have blue eyes, and when I roll my eye - balls backwards, people say I look like I`m from the movie `Omen`. - Any questions?
Blood is red,
Veins are blue.
Screw love,
I only need you.

Quizzes by L234

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Things you probebly already kow......
Posted Date: 9/7/2009 2:02:52 AM

Death Note vs Yu Yu hakusho: Who is better?
Leave a comment!(PLZ)
Posted Date: 8/12/2009 12:07:08 PM

(Another -_-`) Color Quiz
Yes, it`s another color quiz. I mean, I know this has been done to death, but, hey, why not?
Posted Date: 7/29/2009 8:27:25 PM

Would I date you? ( Guys only - I`m straight....)
Let us see if you have good taste...... * Grin * NOTE: All questions crucial to the quiz!!!!!
Posted Date: 6/28/2009 10:19:15 PM

Totally Random Quiz 1
Warning: Totally Random Quiz features Totally Random Quiz Answers including 1 anime character, 1 seson, 2 animals, 3 foods, and mabye 1 or 2 Electronic devices.
Posted Date: 6/27/2009 6:33:59 PM

Are You Good or Evil?!
Let us see what you truly are.......... then after we do, COMMENT!!
Posted Date: 6/23/2009 10:21:18 PM

What guy anime charecter is right for you?
Chose from a plethera of characters, including L, Lulu, Mello, Light, well, mostly characters from death note. Opps.
Posted Date: 6/23/2009 2:22:39 AM

What kind of Angel are you?
Tack this quiz and comment...... plz. COMMENT! AND RATE! NOW! OR i`LL EAT YOU! no. seriosly. do it.
Posted Date: 6/23/2009 1:33:04 AM

" What seson are you? "
chose from the four sesons - COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me what you are.... I am courios...
Posted Date: 6/23/2009 12:52:04 AM

Who on death note are you?
Choose from 4 Death note characters: Misa,L(yay), Light,and Mello
Posted Date: 3/6/2009 11:19:58 PM


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