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Member Profile: 1661

Female, 13-17
Southern US

 721 Posts

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Interests: Skating / Anime / Astrology / Photography / History
Homepage: Click Here
Birthday:1/27/1995 (25 Years Old)
IM Type: Yahoo IM Name: skater.emoly
Occupation: A Occupation
City: A City
State/Province: West T.N, the most boring place ever!
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Agnostic
Politics: (Decline to State)
Favorite Movie: 38weeks later and Freedom Writers
Favorite TV Show: M Tv, Fuse a lot more
Favorite Book: a lot..cuz i can`t put them ALL on this thing!
Favorite Song: 2 many
Favorite Food: apple juices.. i don`t have a fav!
Favorite Car: Cobra
No one really knows me well.ask me anything i don`t care
skateboarding isn`t a crime

my top bands:
Alesana ( awesome band!!!)
Saosin ( awesome band)
Skillet ( okay band)
Five Finger death Punch (Pretty cool band)
Bullet of my Valentine (Pretty cool band)
MCR (okay band)
Silverstein (okay band)
Chiodos (pretty cool)
Silent Suicide ( awesome)
Bless The FAll ( awesome)

Got any screamo/metal/ whatever/ tell me i`ll give them a try

i`m punk,emo,skater,crazy,geeky, I`m me
|..........| Put this on your
|..........| page if you have
|.........O| ever pushed a
|..........| door that said pull.

Quizzes by 1661
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Think You Know The Song?
i`m awesome... Love the bands ok anyway name the name of the song or band that match the lyrics above!
Posted Date: 8/31/2008 10:33:40 AM

What Song are you?
not my fav songs.. but yeah..
Posted Date: 8/16/2008 8:36:14 AM

Boy or Girl?
can you tell a boy from a girl?? (e)
Posted Date: 1/7/2008 7:55:07 PM

Boy or Girl??
can you tell a boy from a girl??
Posted Date: 1/7/2008 7:54:42 PM

All The people That Get Called EMOOO!
i have a plan!! (e)
Posted Date: 12/28/2007 9:43:07 AM

Can some one talk to me?
Posted Date: 11/28/2007 8:50:02 PM

What I-cone pic? Round 1
soo..many which one should i have? you can only pick one,that most comments one the pic will be my new i cone pick (e)
Posted Date: 9/13/2007 7:30:27 AM

Can Someone Talk to me?
the thing says all.. (e)
Posted Date: 9/9/2007 9:45:12 AM

Where are yall???
prepps/a**hols,don`t take,lol
Posted Date: 8/28/2007 6:46:54 PM

What anime pic are u?*2*
Posted Date: 8/27/2007 7:22:34 PM

Do you know? Do you Care?
most of you don`t know and don`t care...go to to see the slide-show on i made i made another called *you are blessed* watch it!..yes i am blackStar62 (e)
Posted Date: 8/17/2007 10:34:25 PM

Do you know? Do you Care?
most of you don`t know and don`t care...
Posted Date: 8/17/2007 10:33:47 PM

Are you stupid?
ha ha ha, lol, i`m bored! (e)
Posted Date: 8/17/2007 5:22:36 PM

Which one of my symbols are you?
they are Japanese words (e)
Posted Date: 7/26/2007 1:08:35 PM

Do you like me pics...2!
well here..u like thes the most right?...u can`t read them...but if you want 2 tell me and i`ll give you the website for them (p)
Posted Date: 7/25/2007 2:10:16 PM

Do you like my pics...2!!!
yall said yall want here
Posted Date: 7/25/2007 1:40:22 PM

What color are you?
the name say all (e)
Posted Date: 7/24/2007 6:45:05 PM

Miss-Match Anime
Match the anime pic with the name... duh.. lol.. O! it;s anime with some other shows (e)
Posted Date: 7/23/2007 9:04:29 AM

Do you like any of my pics?
i`m you like any of my pics??? do you?? (e)
Posted Date: 7/22/2007 4:57:41 PM

Would I date you, Kill you, or Be your friend?
i`m bored... yeah... i bet you won`t get date, lol.. if you are a girl and get date.. yeah.. i`m just going 2 be your friend.. i`m not going 2 date you... ok? later people (e)
Posted Date: 7/22/2007 10:08:17 AM

For the People That Don`t listen!
idk....kind of bored.. (e)
Posted Date: 7/19/2007 9:32:59 PM

For the People That Don`t listen!
idk....kind of bord..
Posted Date: 7/19/2007 9:32:43 PM

Time for School!!
I`m bored!!! (e)
Posted Date: 7/15/2007 11:28:22 PM

Time for School!!
I`m bord!!!
Posted Date: 7/15/2007 11:22:54 PM

Would I be your friend?
i`m bored (e)
Posted Date: 6/26/2007 10:51:15 PM


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