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Member Profile: inferno4444

Female, 13-17

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Interests: Dogs / Writing / Wrestling / Video Games / Acting
Homepage: (None)
Birthday:5/31/1993 (27 Years Old)
IM Type: (Decline to State) IM Name:
Marital Status: Dating
Sexual Preference: Straight
Religion: Christian
Politics: Liberal
Favorite Movie: None
Favorite TV Show: None
Favorite Book: Warriors or FF
Favorite Song: i Love Lots Of Music
Favorite Food: Popcorn i guess
Favorite Car: Jeep
Everyone! I got my account back!

Quizzes by inferno4444
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Which leader cat is the best?
I`m taking a vote to see what warrior leader cat is liked by the most people! So comment plz!!!!
Posted Date: 2/16/2009 1:49:16 PM

Who are you from my made up show "Butterwick the invisble dog"?
Butterwick, Lysander, Sam or Liam
Posted Date: 2/14/2009 7:38:14 PM

Which animal is soul really?
Which animal soul lies inside of you?
Posted Date: 2/2/2009 6:26:38 PM

I need help with a dream
I understand most of my dreams but this dream is a question.....
Posted Date: 2/2/2009 2:49:47 PM

Which warrior cat are you in the pm me and 17778 made up?
The pm is about two cats Blackwind and Leafstoem that are the reincaration of tigerstar and scourge.
Posted Date: 2/1/2009 3:43:07 PM

Who are you 6teen Across?
My friends story and she basiced real people she knew like me in the book!
Posted Date: 1/30/2009 4:35:54 PM

Who are you from the four friends?
THIS IS MY BOOK! But some of my friends made quiz`s on it saying it was there`s!
Posted Date: 1/23/2009 3:56:22 PM

Could you be in my gang?
My gang is wild, crazy and ruff so if you think you might beable to join us take this quiz.
Posted Date: 1/22/2009 4:45:57 PM

Could we date? (guys only!)
could we
Posted Date: 1/21/2009 7:03:39 PM

Cats vs Dogs
Which side are you on?
Posted Date: 1/20/2009 3:05:46 PM

Who are you in "The outsider"?
The 2 book after Forbidden Love Mia is attacked by the other werewolves for loving a vampire (Alex) and so is a wondering soul, and when her family dies more pressure is but on the outsider.
Posted Date: 1/19/2009 2:11:35 PM

Are you A Werewolf or a Dragon?
I LOVE them both!!!!!!!
Posted Date: 1/18/2009 12:23:38 PM

IIf you were famous what would you be famous for?
Would you be a actor, singer, writer or for doing something heroic?
Posted Date: 1/17/2009 12:07:45 PM

Who are you from The Four Legends ?My story.
The four legends are four teens who are the start of great.
Posted Date: 1/16/2009 6:25:01 PM

Who are you from Moonclan?
Who are you from my clan?
Posted Date: 1/10/2009 3:02:04 PM

Which Clan do you belong in?
I`m in Shadowclan!!!!
Posted Date: 1/10/2009 12:28:05 PM

What messager rat from the four friends are you?
Are you Finatree, Elmsworth, Norsteed or Battlefur.
Posted Date: 1/9/2009 7:25:08 PM

Could we be friends?
Could we?
Posted Date: 1/8/2009 7:27:27 PM

What kind of dog are you?
Which of my seven fav dogs are you?
Posted Date: 1/8/2009 3:19:12 PM

Who are you from "Forbidden Love" my other story.
A story about a werewolf who saves a vampire in self pity and who soon falls in love with him.
Posted Date: 1/7/2009 6:39:50 PM

Which one of the Camp wolfbane books are you" my books
Are you book 1, 2 or 3
Posted Date: 1/6/2009 4:31:54 PM

Who are you from "Camp Wolfbane" my story
Thhe story tells of a sister and brother and two friends that find the underground world of leama where the knight of tiger and wolves are in war!
Posted Date: 1/2/2009 4:08:10 PM

Are you Star fox or wolf?
Star fox RULES!
Posted Date: 1/2/2009 1:58:35 PM

Who are you flash or inferno? ( not me and my bff)
Are you the gentle and fast flash or the strong and battle thristy inferno?
Posted Date: 12/31/2008 9:51:38 PM


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