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The Absolute Worst Thing   11Damselamaqdrinker3hrs 24 mins ago
My life is pretty horrible at the moment, so I thought I'd say hello.   34NarcoticNicomousepelled3hrs 28 mins ago
I have no where else to share this   18WonderLand42mousepelled3hrs 37 mins ago
Blank journal entry.   104amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker5hrs 1 mins ago
Some more updates on my situation.   29CRA-Z_HEARTNarcoticNico7hrs 22 mins ago
:-(   7LoveHaleyDamsel21hrs 3 mins ago
Should we get a dog?   24skirtgirl2Damsel 1 day 7 hours ago
Slight groom from time to time but mostly just hair growth November   61amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker 1 day 8 hours ago
Dress/Arm Canon Ren/office phones/TGIF   46Rag_Doll_Rag_Doll_ 1 day 13 hours ago
The Price You Pay...   70DamselRag_Doll_ 1 day 14 hours ago
;-)   10LoveHaleyDamsel2days 8 hours ago
boy problomes lol   6LoveHaleyamaqdrinker2days 13 hours ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU   466colaCowDung2days 15 hours ago
"Are your tattoos royalty free?" and other stories.   28Abzurdmousepelled3days 0 hours ago
hello hello hello   9iLostTheMoonThunderRain3days 3 hours ago
Some B**tch stole the guy I like   31McKenzie123McKenzie1233days 16 hours ago
Stuff And Things   32DamselDamsel4days 11 hours ago
I am no longer a minor   13brandon00McKenzie1234days 14 hours ago
Well there’s no turning back now I guess.   8CRA-Z_HEARTThunderRain5days 9 hours ago
Any Bing watchers out there? I have pressing questions about the Bing universe.   7SpoonerismSpoonerism6days 13 hours ago
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times   8DoYouWashInquizitor27days 14 hours ago
Happy Halloween! I've just been shoveling pumpkin flavored things in my gullet all day   13mysocksMysox9days 6 hours ago
A Spooktacle   43SpoonerismOreo-9days 7 hours ago
"^^^ Stalker"   98Rag_Doll_Rag_Doll_9days 15 hours ago
Destructo. I’m going to start calling myself destructo.   25amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker9days 16 hours ago
in which we don't spam.   139orangefantabirdsong4j13days 9 hours ago

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