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Hi. It's been X days   118EhFahQEhFahQ13 mins ago
List of things I had to do to get my car to move.   190amaqdrinkerCowDung24 mins ago
Inquiring minds want to know...   5KrymsonBoredofu2hrs 54 mins ago
Bought stuffed frogs at Walmart   91-800vertigoBoredofu 1 day 4 hours ago
My mistakes and How I am going to repent   29HunnyDewamaqdrinker 1 day 20 hours ago
Sunshine light bulb morning   1Wolf_In_JarWolf_In_Jar2days 6 hours ago
life   1devilssondevilsson3days 4 hours ago
Refined (kinda) Peanut Butter   31-800vertigo1-800vertigo3days 16 hours ago
Letter I wrote to Mahomes in October and why I feel directly responsible for his condition   11HunnyDewHunnyDew5days 13 hours ago
Me and who??<3   11HunnyDewHunnyDew9days 12 hours ago
I have a psychic connection with Cher   4I_LOVE_CHERCowDung10days 7 hours ago
triplets   4TedCruzpsyndrone11days 6 hours ago
List of things I will do (+animation things)   9HunnyDewHunnyDew14days 21 hours ago
Hey uh   9HunnyDewHunnyDew17days 3 hours ago
My life revolves around Cher. I wish I was married to Cher.   3I_LOVE_CHERCahauburn17days 16 hours ago
I hath been given eyes to see: Cher is Queen   2I_LOVE_CHERCahauburn18days 5 hours ago
Valentines DAY   20HunnyDewHunnyDew18days 13 hours ago
SUPER MONKEY BALL   61-800vertigo1-800vertigo18days 18 hours ago
Eating ants   5HunnyDew1-800vertigo19days 13 hours ago
seo services   2alinabethCuckingFunt19days 14 hours ago
Another vacation journal   20postallbearpostallbear20days 23 hours ago
I love Cher   3I_LOVE_CHERpsyndrone22days 1 hours ago
Hunny Ranks Star Wars women   4HunnyDewHunnyDew25days 6 hours ago
OGs!   13holliemarieatieno26days 0 hours ago
Human beings arent characters   7HunnyDewatieno26days 0 hours ago
16 years   8tulipPuller26days 20 hours ago

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