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Cheno and radiation today.   7tulipDamsel7 mins ago
Strawberry lipstick state of mind   66Rag_Doll_Rag_Doll_1hr 14 mins ago
Haven't been on in a while I guess an update   4McKenzie123McKenzie1231hr 25 mins ago
Silence soon.   274amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker5hrs 53 mins ago
Stepping On Toes   111DamselDamsel20hrs 18 mins ago
Additional Income   6erict89CuckingFunt21hrs 13 mins ago
The winner takes it all   210000catspostallbear23hrs 37 mins ago
new bracelet   6tulipDamsel8days 0 hours ago
Ive been thinking   131-800vertigoPorkandbeans8days 6 hours ago
Would Edward Cullen like my thoughts?   41-800vertigoHunnyDew8days 15 hours ago
Brother, Rape, and Police situation update   21Emogirl1314Emogirl13149days 17 hours ago
People who sleep past 10 AM should be shot   16ChowaniecInquizitor210days 3 hours ago
a life enclosed   15skyfishCowDung10days 18 hours ago
Look who's (nearly) walking... and in England too   20BoredofuDamsel11days 1 hours ago
todayy<3   2babychanelPuller12days 8 hours ago
biopsy   15tulipDamsel12days 17 hours ago
Smoke   7HunnyDewsnarf14days 11 hours ago
I need serious help   6Kyung-JunEmogirl131414days 18 hours ago
How do you guys feel about scholarships?   16eggsandriceRag_Doll_15days 2 hours ago
*Sighs*   15Krymsonpostallbear18days 4 hours ago
I still exist, and apparently so does YT   13redreinebgraham2318days 20 hours ago
Remembering YT members 2   184Krakenredreine19days 9 hours ago
Remember me?   10AstroZombieredreine20days 3 hours ago
My wedding!   36NarcoticNicoredreine20days 3 hours ago
Eating ass   8Chowaniecredreine20days 3 hours ago
On a scale of blundering virgin to berserk...   433Rag_Doll_Damsel21days 18 hours ago

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