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Apple Picking, West Nile Virus, Book Cheating, Too Anxious for Puppies, etc   7NicolesLoveCowDung10 mins ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU   398colamelly100026 mins ago
19 crimes   66skyfishmelly100030 mins ago
Guide on How to Take CompTIA Certification Exams   1jsavinojsavino1hr 57 mins ago
Just trying to process some emotions through writing.   7CRA-Z_HEARTniccole4hrs 20 mins ago
My friend ship sailed away   28SpoonerismPuller8hrs 13 mins ago
My 15 yr old pup died, Cupcake necklaces, puppy sitting, other things as i remember them   60NicolesLoveorangefanta9hrs 5 mins ago
damn! Heredity is freaky   5tuliptulip9hrs 11 mins ago
Money money money monkey... money   18amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker9hrs 24 mins ago
Going To School   15DamselDamsel10hrs 39 mins ago
So you may have realised I'm home from Alaska   22SammySpratacus16hrs 0 mins ago
Loan interest is putting me in a funk.   30NicolesLovedoligurl18hrs 22 mins ago
hey Folks I made a little comic for you   45kateummslalaKraken 1 day 20 hours ago
This Guy Has Said "Cyanide Pill" Four Times in the Last 10 Minutes.   22_Ghoul_mousepelled 1 day 23 hours ago
IT the Clown makes me scared, and also horny...   21KrymsonOrion2days 14 hours ago
WTF Imelda   11EmptyMistyEmptyMisty3days 9 hours ago
It's a poor lady's Riesling   16orangefantaSpratacus3days 9 hours ago
I had a pulsing pain in my lower right abdomen a moment ago   27orangefantaorangefanta3days 17 hours ago
Yeah I'm ok are you ok yeah I'm ok   23kateummslalaamaqdrinker3days 21 hours ago
Update on my balls   50CuckingFuntsmoke_sucks4days 19 hours ago
Alex Trebek, unfortunately is next.   12SpratacusSpratacus4days 23 hours ago
This British Accent   10DamselFloor Demon5days 4 hours ago
Who has a roku?   30Rag_Doll_whattowhere5days 7 hours ago
More Moaning About Cars   54DamselDamsel5days 12 hours ago
Turd wheel...   11amaqdrinkerpostallbear5days 22 hours ago
Is this real life?   22SpoonerismBlackBird776days 5 hours ago

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