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Hello, I am new   510000catsCuckingFunt2hrs 46 mins ago
Not flying.   108amaqdrinkerpostallbear3hrs 51 mins ago
Corona stockpile   118orangefantabookworm08126hrs 40 mins ago
I See No Mention Of...   335DamselDamsel13hrs 50 mins ago
The Things That Make Me Nervous...   40DamselDamsel8days 1 hours ago
dammit. I have to have   5tuliporangefanta8days 9 hours ago
I think I will just delete my Fidelity app for a few months   16EmptyMistyDamsel8days 10 hours ago
I am home sick with the flu or coronavirus   19skirtgirl2Inquizitor29days 11 hours ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU   719cola4evame10days 8 hours ago
I’m not sure how many pills I took.   59amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker13days 12 hours ago
So....this might be the wrong time to have allergies.   12eggsandrice4evame13days 17 hours ago
I NEED MOD   30McKenzie123Electric6917days 11 hours ago
Hi, and stuff...   14Brockgurl86Electric6917days 11 hours ago
Just me doin me   20LiagElectric6917days 17 hours ago
Think I'm craving something but I don't know what   34evame4evame17days 19 hours ago
Off the market   34racmoronsnowbdr8818days 4 hours ago
Getting ready for game time   11postallbearBigoldmike18days 13 hours ago
Who is your choice if you got a "Hall Pass" in your relationship?   56KrymsonBobtheBat19days 3 hours ago
Say Something   184DamselSpoonerism20days 11 hours ago
I got a fish!   16McKenzie123PodAwful38days 3 hours ago
Tonight is for cleaning and internet   267mousepelledmousepelled38days 5 hours ago
I wake in the morning and I step outside and I take a deep breath and I get real high   9SpoonerismSpoonerism38days 15 hours ago
Additional stress on top of your stress.   46amaqdrinkerDoomcricket339days 5 hours ago
A dying breed   40Wasp.Doomcricket339days 5 hours ago
I went Facebook viral. #lifegoals   74evameDoomcricket339days 5 hours ago
Always the same...   75amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker39days 13 hours ago

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