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Spectacles. Eyeglasses. Seeing devices.   25NicolesLoveDamsel36 mins ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU   276colaluckystar1071hr 11 mins ago
Events and worries   41amaqdrinkerKraken3hrs 1 mins ago
I’m gonna brag about a few things here and I want you to brag about yourself, too   25LiagRik_Khaos7hrs 9 mins ago
Don't know if giving money to homeless is appropriate   54skirtgirl2BlackBird77 1 day 11 hours ago
Falconwing thread   22AbzurdSammy 1 day 22 hours ago
I'm calling this journal "an idea i stole from nicole but i don't cook so it's just stuff i've taken pictures of recently"   66WonderLand42WonderLand422days 1 hours ago
Reunited And It Feels So Good   25DamselNicolesLove2days 12 hours ago
Well that startled me.   5snowbdr88orangefanta2days 19 hours ago
The Bog: A love story   11amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker3days 3 hours ago
I need your opinion, my gorgeous people...   18KrymsonKraken3days 8 hours ago
the man who knew everything   59skyfishHylianNinja4days 9 hours ago
So remember when I said I was gonna kintsugi my mom's pot I broke?   7HaelWonderLand424days 19 hours ago
My subway was delayed and then my train was cancelled, so I’m eating dinner at the train station food court   19SleepyJeanskyfish5days 3 hours ago
and the memory remains   52Rag_Doll_Rag_Doll_5days 5 hours ago
Nothing has changed on yt   9Mommycatamaqdrinker5days 9 hours ago
Hey cuck what do you think of this guy.   5CRA-Z_HEARTBlackBird776days 1 hours ago
i had a day...   202DisappearsDisappears6days 9 hours ago
I GOT A JOB   197SleepyJeanSlinky006days 12 hours ago
I need to drive my housemate's car, and am low key freaking out   24Sonita888NicolesLove6days 16 hours ago
Should I finish this bottle of wine?   57amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker7days 0 hours ago
Sometimes sh*t is just... sh*t...   14HaelCuckingFunt7days 3 hours ago
Hottie Thread Part III - Slav Edition   69CuckingFuntCuckingFunt8days 7 hours ago
Tore my shirt to stop you bleedin', But nothin' ever stops you leavin'   40NicolesLoveCowDung8days 13 hours ago
Competency = bad; fun = also bad   5Haelcatchall8days 14 hours ago
Felix & Killen Law   2felixkillensnarf8days 20 hours ago

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