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Do you like wine?   13NicolesLovekateummslala48 mins ago
And thus, a chapter ends and a new chapter begins.   11sleepyhollowCRA-Z_HEART1hr 13 mins ago
Plausible? Yes... Certain? Never...   7thatguy3gWolf_In_Jar4hrs 36 mins ago
I’m sitting on a dog.   4Wolf_In_Jaramaqdrinker6hrs 43 mins ago
More shopping help - collapsible water bottle   33slinky0amaqdrinker6hrs 53 mins ago
Sometimes I miss the things I read at university in 2008   12shakonomicsamaqdrinker7hrs 11 mins ago
Healthcare PSA: deadline is 12/15   33DisappearsDisappears8hrs 16 mins ago
Who’s got two thumbs and a very small chance of getting a giant gross blistery rash all over her body?   54SleepyJeanRag_Doll_10hrs 10 mins ago
Everyone come look at how majestic and handsome Dante is.   9CRA-Z_HEARTthatguy3g11hrs 8 mins ago
Name tags in the year 2019   288Chowaniecorangefanta11hrs 53 mins ago
SHOW ME YOUR FACE   388KrakenWondrPanthr21hrs 11 mins ago
cats   31morboWonderLand42 1 day 2 hours ago
what is what now   23j2moneyj2d2BlackBird77 1 day 15 hours ago
I don't get it.   158Rag_Doll_Rag_Doll_ 1 day 17 hours ago
F My Husband and F The USA   89DamselSonita888 1 day 23 hours ago
What can we do to make YT more active?   44skirtgirl2mousepelled2days 4 hours ago
This is dumb   13orangefantashakonomics2days 7 hours ago
I am the only person in this entire library   36sleepyhollowsleepyhollow2days 9 hours ago
Tight finances at holiday time. Is what it is.   33Wolf_In_JarWolf_In_Jar2days 15 hours ago
Hottie Thread Part II   574CuckingFuntbgraham233days 7 hours ago
All i want   23WonderLand42WonderLand423days 12 hours ago
Hello   34duffbeer4moeFoolsConvert3days 17 hours ago
You ever catch your nipple with your nail?   28NicolesLovePuller3days 17 hours ago
I tried to think of a title but....   18cpaynecpayne3days 19 hours ago
Day 12 of broken arm   27Sonita888Sonita8884days 0 hours ago
Lightweight glass storage   31slinky0bgraham234days 10 hours ago

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