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busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest   4pedalmetalamaqdrinker12 mins ago
Pack your bags we’ll leave tonight.   785amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker1hr 16 mins ago
Y'all   6NarcoticNicopedalmetal1hr 21 mins ago
*Ahem* Teehee   15HunnyDewNarcoticNico1hr 44 mins ago
"You make my bones soft but not in 'im flaccid way' more like warm milk tea way"   8HunnyDewHunnyDew 1 day 9 hours ago
Laundromats   4HunnyDewamaqdrinker 1 day 13 hours ago
Sooooo, I cheated on my boyfriend! Wooooo   8eggsandriceamaqdrinker2days 3 hours ago
"You can't fire me I quit!" I says to my father in law... bleh   11ClarencYamaqdrinker4days 2 hours ago
Wikipedia   8WobblyCatWobblyCat4days 6 hours ago
been thinkin a lot lately   2lemontootieWobblyCat5days 11 hours ago
in quarantine   7tulipamaqdrinker7days 1 hours ago
High School   11McKenzie123McKenzie12310days 7 hours ago
NFL 2021 gonna piss myself   10HunnyDewHunnyDew14days 23 hours ago
9.8.21   3leighanne512WobblyCat16days 1 hours ago
He will never go away!   16WobblyCatWobblyCat17days 1 hours ago
Stuff and Things and cupcakes and VIOLENCE!   12KrymsonBoredofu18days 4 hours ago
Look out!!! Person describing their dreams!!!   201-800vertigo1-800vertigo20days 23 hours ago
Dallas cownoys   11HunnyDewHunnyDew21days 20 hours ago
I don't come here anymore   10pedalmetalpedalmetal22days 0 hours ago
Why the trans movement is drated up, hypocritical and unhealthy   16bluedaisy11Inquizitor224days 20 hours ago
I ramble   41-800vertigosnarf25days 13 hours ago
Hi. It's been X days   179EhFahQLiJasMom28days 2 hours ago
Cats and dogs   3WobblyCatMcKenzie12328days 13 hours ago
Almost had this account for a year   5HunnyDewHael31days 2 hours ago
1st Game of the season   1BoredofuBoredofu39days 10 hours ago
Womp womp   13christisnarf39days 12 hours ago

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