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Is This Common?   49Damselmousepelled9 mins ago
Tonight is for cleaning and internet   87mousepelledmousepelled13 mins ago
It’s like the Jetsons but not really.   25amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker53 mins ago
a tale of two temps   72skyfishamaqdrinker55 mins ago
other not temp hiring related life stuff   14skyfishskyfish5hrs 52 mins ago
Guys   7WonderLand42postallbear8hrs 11 mins ago
Antidepressants   26NarcoticNicoMcKenzie1239hrs 35 mins ago
My father's ass   2sexwithmydadGAYBOI9hrs 40 mins ago
I love my brother, y'all.   6cpayneGAYBOI9hrs 40 mins ago
Thirteen years in the making of a loser:   30_Ghoul_GAYBOI9hrs 41 mins ago
Has anyone seen Hot Gimmick: Boy Meets Girl?   2eggsandricesexwithmydad9hrs 51 mins ago
R.I.P Falconwing   45LiJasMomSammy19hrs 8 mins ago
EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!   13Krymsonpostallbear 1 day 5 hours ago
first world problems: i had to have ice cream for breakfast because the freezer was slightly ajar from being so full   17mysocksDamsel2days 2 hours ago
My life is pretty horrible at the moment, so I thought I'd say hello.   97NarcoticNicoredreine2days 3 hours ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU   534colapostallbear2days 3 hours ago
Hi, and stuff...   13Brockgurl86McKenzie1233days 12 hours ago
there must have been a local lesbian commune of cat ladies who recently all decided to skip town   7mysockssexwithmydad3days 15 hours ago
Decathlon of stresslympics!   95amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker4days 1 hours ago
Off the market   32racmoronracmoron4days 8 hours ago
Getting ready for game time   10postallbearCowDung6days 3 hours ago
I haven't been active here in 3+ years. Wtf is up, bitches   75redreine_Ghoul_7days 2 hours ago
Give me book recommendations (a journal)   22KrakenCowDung10days 3 hours ago
Making Journals When YT is Dead   19peledavid16shortone_12days 2 hours ago
lemme brag for a second   9colapostallbear12days 12 hours ago
lets talk about jolly ranchers. (or any other sweet that is sure to induce diabetes)   19eggsandriceSpoonerism13days 7 hours ago

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