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High on a hill was a lonely goatherd   9NicolesLoveNicolesLove1hr 28 mins ago
Who is your choice if you got a "Hall Pass" in your relationship?   54Krymsonmousepelled2hrs 14 mins ago
Always the same...   63amaqdrinkermousepelled2hrs 31 mins ago
Remember Cupids Arrow? ahhh the good old days..   22SammySammy4hrs 15 mins ago
Question my home fries...   9KrymsonBoredofu9hrs 43 mins ago
Seventeen Days...   60DamselDamsel11hrs 26 mins ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU   562colaskirtgirl212hrs 34 mins ago
something happens and i'm head over heels where should i go can't stop myself out of control   8mysocksmysocks14hrs 26 mins ago
Tonight is for cleaning and internet   264mousepelledCowDung 1 day 5 hours ago
Who is spending Valentines alone?   38KrymsonKrymson 1 day 12 hours ago
Man I miss this place!   17dusafSawfan_1982 1 day 21 hours ago
boo!   6lemontootieKrymson2days 7 hours ago
Fill in the blank   62SpoonerismYougov2days 13 hours ago
My life is falling apart   17McKenzie123postallbear3days 8 hours ago
she shells shushi by the sheashore   27mysocksPuller3days 14 hours ago
a tale of two temps   112skyfishchips20013days 16 hours ago
im going to colorado   47colacatchall4days 4 hours ago
What am I doing with my life   5McKenzie123McKenzie1234days 11 hours ago
you're a piece of sh*t.   8eggsandricemousepelled5days 4 hours ago
Somewhat   103amaqdrinkeramaqdrinker5days 13 hours ago
I See No Mention Of...   78DamselDamsel5days 14 hours ago
Help me   20Chowaniecpostallbear6days 1 hours ago
YOU GUYS   55LiagCowDung6days 2 hours ago
Greetings and salutations   25McKenzie123GamyLee6days 5 hours ago
93 years / the escape   11skyfishGamyLee6days 7 hours ago
Are ghosts real?   2ToastMemousepelled8days 5 hours ago

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