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What Super Power Do Your Eyes Hold?   193dramaqueen10Mat251days 2 hours ago
Which Twilight/ New Moon guy is for you?   72Guitar_Punk5dramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
what naked brothers band person are you   11rockin_robyndramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
Your spirit color?   45FROOTLESdramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
Which One Direction Man Is Yours?   62mizedcullen1dramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
Team Edward or Team Jacob?   220twilightZXdramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
What Exo member are you?   301Day2pmdramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
am i a vampire???   108nitevampgaldramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
What kind of wings do you have?   425DarknessZdramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
What Hogwarts House Are You In?   4Cacjamsdramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
What Skyrim race are you?   53olibolaedramaqueen19255days 3 hours ago
What is your goddess given affinity?(House of Night Series)   50TwilightxLuvpeaches107256days 10 hours ago
Does She Like You: Made by a Girl   39im2cutepeaches107256days 10 hours ago
What element are you?   16Novi411peaches107256days 10 hours ago
What Jonas Brother would you date?   96horsecrazy38peaches107256days 10 hours ago
Are you an Angel or Demon?   51oXxemoxXopeaches107256days 10 hours ago
What Character are you most like from Beavis and Butt-head   5jojorabpeaches107256days 10 hours ago
Are You Emo? (The BETTER Version!)   140xXkill-meXxpeaches107256days 10 hours ago
What song best describes your life??   59pikachuroxpeaches107256days 10 hours ago
What Kind Of Cookie Are You?   30plaidpantspipy5747257days 5 hours ago
Are Warm or Cool?   31melancholiapipy5747257days 5 hours ago
What Victorious character are you?   23sidney159pipy5747257days 5 hours ago
Which scene queen are you???   17patdfan101pipy5747257days 5 hours ago
When Will You Get Pregnant? (Do I Really Have To Ask For Just Girls??)   47dramaqueen10pipy5747257days 5 hours ago
Who is your perfect soulmate from Twilight? (girls only)   61twilightZXpipy5747257days 5 hours ago
Which Rise of the Guardians character are you?   12PitchBlack11pipy5747257days 5 hours ago

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