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would an anime character date you?   20iluvhajijasay122426 mins ago
What color of the rainbow are you?   10liddyxoxjasay122427 mins ago
What Gemstone are you?   9liddyxoxjasay122429 mins ago
7 min in heaven bleach girls(for guys)   36jasay1224jasay122433 mins ago
sing a song!   598DrSmugMangakaChez4hrs 45 mins ago
What soda are you?   2GabsterFluffyKura5hrs 4 mins ago
Which Naruto character are you?   3MiuKoizumi97FluffyKura5hrs 9 mins ago
What piece of furniture are you   4hal13ldashie975hrs 9 mins ago
How well do you know Pewdiepie?   3hi12349dashie975hrs 10 mins ago
are you beautiful   18momo_says_hiFluffyKura5hrs 13 mins ago
Do you love Justin Bieber   8daniellehannAkusha7hrs 9 mins ago
who else hates the people in the journal section?   11DrSmugOriginal_Sin11hrs 11 mins ago
Are you like me?   10dashie97Original_Sin11hrs 16 mins ago
Would you survive in my world   4SpyorOriginal_Sin11hrs 17 mins ago
What skin color do you act most like   13hal13lOriginal_Sin11hrs 39 mins ago
What anime animal girl are you   6blacklight11Pandamage15hrs 32 mins ago
Would i hate u, date u, kiss u, or kill u   49HiManpharaogirl518hrs 51 mins ago
whould i kiss u (for girls)   35josh1234pharaogirl518hrs 55 mins ago
would I kiss you?(girls only)   54frankiscoolpharaogirl518hrs 57 mins ago
what wolf are you?   5zethelamontapharaogirl519hrs 21 mins ago
Is there actually a chance that we could be friends?   12HAI_THARpharaogirl519hrs 24 mins ago
Would you survive a zombie attack?   169magicmage316Gabster19hrs 54 mins ago
Would you survive a zombie apocalypse   30CheezPizzaGabster19hrs 58 mins ago

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